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Anti Graffiti Paint

Easy to apply Anti Graffiti Coating

  • Protects against further graffiti attacks
  • Easy to use 'One Coat' solution - saves time & money
  • Fast drying formula
  • Resists spray paints, inks, markers & fly posters
  • Simple wash off with water and mild cleanser
  • Safe to use - solvent free environmentally friendly
  • Very economical - 5 litres covers 47m2

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Anti Graffiti Paint - Professional Anti Graffiti Coating

Graffiti removal is one of the biggest headaches councils and owners of public buildings suffer and I am guessing if you are on this page then you have experienced the problem of removing graffiti too. There can be huge costs attached to each graffiti attack and it's for this very reason that we got together with our chemists to come up with an answer for you, to give you an 'One Coat' simple solution.
By using APT's specially designed SAFE anti graffiti paint you can protect your property against further attacks and get excellent long-term protection against graffiti and marker vandalism as well as annoying fly posting. Many of our clients in the education sector find using Anti Graffiti so easy that the caretaker does the job himself.
Because this sacrificial anti graffiti coating resists most spray paints, inks, markers and posters any attack is easily removed. Once it has been applied, you simply wash away any further offending graffiti with warm water and our mild Citra Cleanse detergent, it's as easy as that.
Our unique translucent anti graffiti coating system is used to clean graffiti from a wide range of rough or smooth finishes – while maintaining the appearance and aesthetics of the underlying surface.  

Advantages and benefits of Anti Graffiti Paint

•    1 litre covers up to 9.4m2 - saves you time & £££'s
•    Only 'One Coat' needed - dry's in 60 minutes, fully cured  within 24 hours
•    Dries to a clear weather proof film
•    Safe - Solvent-free formulation - kind to the environment and users
•    Short drying times for rapid long term protection against graffiti
•     Easy to apply graffiti remover - no special training or equipment required
•     Protection for a wide range of surfaces
     Easy wash off from future attacks
APT anti graffiti products are fast-drying, protective coating for porous surfaces including  brick, painted brick, masonry, stone, concrete and even wood surfaces. Used throughout the UK on bridges, highway structures, subways, toilet blocks, railways and shops ect. It's so safe it has been used on many historic listed buildings.
•    5 litres covers 47m2
•    Solvent free
Buy anti graffiti paint online now or call our experts for more advice on 01495 308 048.
Should you require commercial graffiti removal then our sister company APT-ICC Ltd can help you in that area, please take a look at their website for more information -