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Acid Drain Cleaner, Drain Unblocker CLEARVEX is a powerful sulphuric acid based drain cleaner. This fast acting formula is used in commercial outlets to clear the most stubborn drain and waste pipe blockages. It will breakdown a wide range of material including fats, grease, hair, food waste, etc. CLEARVEX concentrated drain cleaner is an easy pour formula and will not attack your pipework.
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Industrial Drain Opener

Clearvex is an easy to use, acid drain cleaning product. It is used as the last resort to remove blockages before calling out the expensive drain rod companies and or excavating groundwork.

· Powerful formula - Removes the most tenacious deposits
· Rapid action - breaks down paper and cloth blockages fast
· Safe - Does not attack pipe work
· Clearvex is a fast acting, drain cleaning product that makes easy work of the most stubborn of blockages
· Easy to use formula


Best Drain Unblocker

The best way to open and unblock waste and sewer drains is to use acid drain cleaner to remove the toughest blockages.

Recommended for use in:

· Kitchens
· Food Factories
· Industrial Factories
· Hospitals
· Hotels and Restaurants
· Public Sector


Acid Drain Cleaner

Clearvex is a strong suphuric acid used to quickly clear drains, toilets and other waste pipe work of paper, hair, cloth, sanitary towels, nappies lime scale build up and greases which accumulate in pipe work and cause severe blockages.

Pour directly into problem drains and cover if possible to reduce splashing.

For advise or more information please call our chemists on 01495 308048