Release No. 1 Graphite - Penetrating Oil Lubricant First Order Half Price
Release No. 1 Graphite - Penetrating Oil Lubricant
  • Graphite lubricant and penetrating oil
  • Graphite penetrating fluid for the more difficult rusted parts and seizures where added protection is required after release and where higher temperatures are involved
  • Lubricates, protects and prevents seizure
  • Prevents further corrosion and oxidation
  • Safe on all metals
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case 12 x 400 ml M31A £62.00 (GBP)

Release No.1 Graphite Lubricant, Penetrating Oil and Rust Inhibitor

Release No.1 Graphite lubricant leaves a protective graphite film for added protection against rust water, damp and corrosive elements.

Release No.1 penetrating oil is ideal for removing engine blocks, heads, studs and bolts, all machine shop dismantling and plant hire servicing. Loosens tyre beads rusted to rims leaving a protective anti rust coating enabling future maintenance to be trouble free.