Algae Free - Algae Remover, Moss Killer
  • Highly Concentrated formula for maximum economy
  • Used by professionals to remove algae & moss from building facades & metal cladding
  • Quickly removes and kills algae spores
  • Safe - on all hard surfaces - non-acidic ingredients
  • 100% Environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable & phosphate free
  • Safe to use around pets and children
  • See below for more information or watch it in action...'
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APT's Algae Remover Solutions

Use algae killer as part of your roof cleaning supplies to kill moss and remove algae stains.  Algae Free can also be used to kill moss, clean tarmac, concrete, pathways, steps and loading bays.  Use for awning cleaning and as an effective caravan and motorhome cleaner.   Algae Free can be used for building facade cleaning and also as a cladding cleaner and stucco cleaner.


  • Algae Free can be used for safe algae removal from decks, pontoons, to clean slipways (without bleach), as a sail cleaner, boat cleaner and for boat hull cleaning. 
  • Safe for K-render cleaning, masonry, brick, stone cleaning and concrete cleaning.  
  • Sports surface cleaning, running tracks, tennis court and soft play area cleaning. Use on outdoor surrounds for swimming pools and even as a conservatory roof cleaner.   
  • Used by highways services for algae removal and cleaning bollards, chevrons, road signs and as a bus stop cleaner.   

Typical dilution rates:

How to remove green mould and for black mould removal

Wet the surface with 1:10 solution and allow to soak in/on to surface for a few hours if possible uaing a brush or cloth( if wiping). Apply a second treatment diluted with up to 20 parts water to protect against re growth.

How to remove moss and algae from Exterior surfaces

It is best used in dry weather. Apply algae ,moss remover solution with 1 part to 10-20 parts of water depending on the level of moss or alga build up

Apply the algae remover solution to the surface using a sprayer or watering can at 5-10 sq. meters per litre allow to soak in at least 1 hour (a few hours if possible) .

Remove dead moss etc using a stiff brush or small scraper .

Repeat treatment if necessary. After 2 days apply a 1:20 moss killer solution to help prevent re growth.

Note: avoid spraying on lawns or flowerbeds .

APT offers an algae remover product that will effectively remove algae from virtually any surface. It is 100% environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable and phosphate free with the additional benefit of being highly concentrated, making your money stretch a long way.
Algae, which is considered a simple form of seaweed, can grow on virtually any surface that is exposed to water and/or humidity. Unlike most plants, algae lacks leaves, roots and stalks, which allows algae to take up residence on virtually any surface. What's more, algae is very fast growing and it can arise and grow to a point where it's visible to the naked eye in a matter of hours. Removing algae can be quite challenging, as algae can grow virtually anywhere, from plastic lawn furniture, to aluminum and commercial building cladding, metals including bridge structures, paths, brick or stone facades, stucco and siding.
Removing algae from surfaces in and around water is challenging as often you don't want to kill or harm plants, animals or humans that swim or live in the water or on nearby land. Therefore you need an anti-algae chemical that will serve as an algae killer, without harming humans, desirable plants, fish and other animals. APT's algae cleaner product also serves to inhibit mold and fungi, which commonly grows alongside algae in moist, humid conditions.
APT's Moss Removal Solutions

If you're seeking a moss killer for tennis courts, sports surfaces, tarmac or concrete pathways and other surfaces, turn to APT, your source for environmentally safe cleaning solutions - www.apt-icc/algae-removal
Moss is a non-vascular plant that grows in shaded, moist environments, with plenty of water and humidity. But the root-like structures (called rhizoids) that anchor moss to a surface can cause degradation. The moss also holds water, which serves to damage the surface. Moss also spreads rapidly, as it doesn't have seeds; instead, moss spreads prolifically thanks to the tiny spores that spread with the wind.
In addition, APT's moss cleaner product also contains special blend of ingredients and mold killer to eliminate these common organisms, which are often found alongside moss since fungus and mold enjoys the same moist, humid conditions. 
Algae Free can be used through pressure washers, garden sprayers, floor scrubber dryers as well as using via hand sprayers. It has a low toxicity.
If you have any questions concerning APT's moss killer and algae removal products, please call us on 01495 308048, we are always happy to help.