Release No.1 PTFE - Penetrating Oil Lubricant First Order Half Price
Release No.1 PTFE - Penetrating Oil Lubricant
  • Releasing agent
  • Non toxic
  • Water resistant synthetic lubricant for all types of machinery and applications
  • Incorporates P.T.F.E to give extra lubrication under the most adverse conditions
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Release No. 1 PTFE Penetrating Oil Lubricant - Synthetic penetrating and lubricating oil

Release No. 1 is an effective synthetic penetrating oil for more difficult rusted parts and seizures. It’s ideal where added protection is required after release and higher temperatures are involved in manufacturing or processing operations.

Our PTFE lubricant is also one of the most effective food-safe lubricants and leaves a reassuring protective film for added defence against the ravages of rust, water, damp and corrosive elements in harsh operating environments.
Advantages and benefits
·         A blend of penetrating oil and release agents with added graphite        
·         Lubricates, protects and prevents seizure
·         Prevents further corrosion and oxidation
·         Safe on all metals
·         Suitable for use in all types of food and drink industries 
·         Won’t attack plastic cables
Release No. 1 is designed for use in the food, soft drink and brewing industries where it is vital to avoid contamination. It’s also an ideal penetrating oil for a wide range of engineering uses including the following:

·         Removing engine blocks, heads, studs and bolts
·         All machine shop dismantling
·         Plant hire servicing.
It can also be used to loosen tyre beads that have become rusted to wheel rims – leaving a protective anti-rust coating for trouble-free future maintenance.
·         Food-safe
·         Synthetic lubricant containing food-grade PTFE
·         Water resistant
·         Non-toxic
Safety, storage and handling
Because Release No. 1 penetrating oil is an all-in-one product you may be able to lower your storage costs.
For more safety, storage and handling information, please contact us.
Buy Release No. 1 PTFE penetrating oil online now or call 01495 308 048.