Marine Clean - Super Yacht & Boat Cleaning & Degreasing Concentrate
  • All in one boat cleaner and degreaser
  • Suitable for all hard surface cleaning operations in the boat and shipping industries
  • Very environmentally friendly - can be used around water and marine life
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5 LTR £20.99 (GBP)
4 x 5 Ltr HSCMC5 £82.98 (GBP)

Concentrated Boat Cleaner 


A Natural Citrus Degreaser- Part of Our Range of Environmentally Safe Cleaning Marine Range Boat Cleaning Products

Marine Clean Boat Cleaner is the ultimate safety cleaner for today’s industry, blending naturally derived natural citrus solvent with specialised surfactants it is a powerful citrus degreaser which will safely remove all types of dirt, oil and hardened grime from most types of surface.

Marine Clean Boat Cleaner is rapidly biodegradable to EEC standards and does not contain any hazardous ingredients thus making it safe for both the environment and the user. 
As a highly concentrated formula, Marine Clean needs to be diluted with water thus making it very economical to use and also requires less storage space. 
Marine Clean eliminates the need for multiple boat cleaning products. Marine Clean is the ideal product for the Marine Industry for cleaning bilges, all types of fibre glass, deck cleaning, seating, for the removing of algae from gangways and slipways. Marine Clean can be diluted with fresh or salt water and is highly effective for use on decks,boat and vessel exteriors, fish room cleaning and fish oil residues , heavy soiled paintwork or light rust and is the ideal bilge ,sail cleaner and vessel wash. 
Marine Clean can be used via all cleaning methods such as power washer detergent , dip tanks,parts washers , floor scrubbers, sprayers and even by hand. This ultimate boat cleaning formula removes ingrained dirt, grime, diesel oil, food oils, fats, some greases and body fats, heavy engineering oils and waxes. Our eco friendly boat cleaning product can safely be used on most surfaces including glass, upholstery, plastic, painted surfaces and fibreglass. 
Marine Clean is the ultimate cleaner and degreaser for a wide range of cleaning applications outside of the boat vessel including cleaning plant machinery, dip tanks, floors, ultra-flooring, walls and steam cleaning. You can use hot or cold water and for use with most types of cleaning equipment such as dip tank soaking, pressure cleaning, floor scrubbing, mopping and spraying.

how to effectivley clean your boat deck quickly and rigging effortosly using the all in one marine boat cleaner
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