Wipeout Gel - Professional Graffiti Removal
  • NEW Advanced formula GEL graffiti remover
  • Fast graffiti removal - easily washed off
  • Thick clinging formula - great for vertical surfaces
  • Versatile - use on most hard surfaces
  • Made from low impact, natural ingredients
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Pack 1 x 5 Ltrs MD29B £63.40 (GBP)
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Case 4 x 5 Ltrs MD29B £249.60 (GBP)

Wipeout Gel - Graffiti Removal 

Wipeout Gel is a NEW Safe, Professional Graffiti Remover 
Graffiti removal is a growing problem facing local authorities, private and public companies.  The need to remove the graffiti quickly and easily is ever more important in order to maintain the ascetic appearance of the building and help prevent against further attack. 
APT has produced a NEW advanced graffiti remover in a gel format. Why gel? Gel, unlike other graffiti cleaning products is easier to apply and has a greater contact time on vertical surfaces. this allows it to quickly penetrate and break down the unwanted graffiti, therefore reducing the need for several applications, saving you both money and time
This new ready to use formula graffiti remover , has been designed using pure natural ingredients, ensuring a  very low odour, this makes it safe to use in confined spaces. All our graffiti solutions are environmentally friendly. 
How to clean graffiti... 
It's as simple as this 1-2-3 formula - 
1. Apply the graffiti removal chemicals to the surface
2. Leave to work (gently agitate if several coats )
3. Wash off with clean water!! 
The recommended product by the SWETRA Highways Agency for use on highways
Advantages and benefits
•         Economical Gel formula for greater contact and less waste 
•         Fast acting just one application is normal
•         Safe - Natural formulation - kind to the environment and users 
•         Easy to use graffiti removers - no special training or equipment required 
•         Versatile and ready to use on a wide range of surfaces      
If you suffer from regular attack from graffiti vandals we also stock anti graffiti paint and anti graffiti products  
Unlike other graffiti removal chemicals Wipeout Gel can be used on all solvent resistant surfaces such as metal, glass, stone, wood, concrete, porcelain, brick masonry and ceramic tiles 
Wipeout Gel can be used to clean graffiti from spray paints, paints, crayons and marker pens   
It can be used on the internal and external surfaces of buildings, transport road and rail vehicles  
Used nationwide on street signs, bus stations, bus shelters, rail and roadway structures  
NB: It is not recommended for use on plastics, for plastic safe graffiti cleaner , 
click on  http://www.aptcleaningsupplies.co.uk/category/102-graffiti-cleaners.aspx
For more information on our specialised graffiti removal products please call our expert team on 01495 308048. We offer a range of graffiti removers for you to choose from.
Should you require commercial graffiti removal then our sister company APT-ICC Ltd can help you in that area, please take a look at their website for more information - http://www.apt-icc.co.uk/GraffitiRemoval.aspx