Solvent Cleaner & Parts Washer Cleaner
  • Fast acting solvent cleaner
  • The Ideal degreaser & parts washer cleaner for engineering parts and componant cleaning .
  • Rapidly Dissolves waxes, oil, grease and heavy grime from engine bays,chains and industrial parts
  • Can be diluted with other solvent cleaner products for enconomy
  • Strong emulsifying properties
  • Non-corrosive and won't cause damage to metals and alloys
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SDEG 4x5ltr Pack £66.96 (GBP) £58.68 (GBP)

Industrial Solvent Parts Cleaner ,Degreaser for Parts Washers

Industrial Solvent Cleaner and degreaser is very versatile formulated to clean a wide variety of metal parts and componant surfaces found in engineering workshops. A highly effective Parts cleaner ,engine cleaner great for the parts washer cleaning of chains, chassis, drive shafts, gearboxes and used in parts washer cleaning machinery. Our solvent cleaner and degreaser quickly breaks down and dissolves heavy oils, waxes, grease, diesel and hardend grime from plastics, rubbers and metals parts cleaner as part of the APT degresing parts washer fluids range .

we stock a wide range of industrial degreasers and parts washer solvents and non solvent cleaner products please call us 01495 308048 or click here to see our other industrial degreaser products to ensure you select the most effective one for you

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