Waterless Urinal Block Sleeves
  • Natural enzymes break down limescale and build up of residue in pipe work
  • Specially-designed system allows fluids through and prevents bad odours from coming back
  • Protects pipes for up to three months
  • No chemicals required
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Each £17.50 (GBP)
1 X 6 Pack £102.70 (GBP)
1 X 12 Pack £198.88 (GBP)

Waterless Urinal Block Sleeves

The main cause of toilet and urinal complaints are related to bad odours which is a direct result of unclear pipe work, a build up of unwanted residues and around 80 % of this from odour producing bacteria. 

This little device is the perfect solution for waterless urinals systems and remote toilet urinal blocks which are prone to bad odours smells & blockages.
The Waterless Urinal Block uses the latest in biological block technology, using a special valve system to protect against urinal smells and blockages, leaving your urinals freshly fragranced for 24 hours a day.
The Waterless Urinal Block works by using beneficial bacteria located in the block within the shield to break down limescale, Uric salt and other deposits which can cause blockages & foul smells. This new advanced technology uses natural enzymes and not chemicals designed to breakdown unwanted build ups. This product  is a very environmentally friendly solution to toilet odours.
The Waterless Urinal Block also uses a pleasant red berry fragrance locked within the bio-block which is released into the toilet when liquid comes into contact, keeping the toilet fragranced, fresh and clean, removing the need for automatic air fresheners, manual labour and other masking chemicals.
Buy your waterless urinal block online now or call APT on 01495 308048 with further queries or for further information.