Industrial Floor Cleaner, Multi Surface Degreaser
  • Quick - easily cuts through even the most tenacious greases and oils
  • Safe - solvent free, making it completely user friendly
  • Versatile - Can be used through a pressure washer
  • Fast action - multi-component formula
  • Fully biodegradable
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Pack 1 x 5 Ltrs HSC12B £17.50 (GBP) £11.80 (GBP)
Case 4 x 5 Ltrs HSC12B £62.00 (GBP) £40.97 (GBP)
Case 1 x 25 Ltrs HSC12B £52.92 (GBP)
Case 1 x 210Ltrs HSC12B £435.46 (GBP)

Aximax is a powerful industrial floor cleaner & degreaser

Aximax is perfect for heavy industry, engineering industries, shipyards, railways, machine shops, car plants, printing works, steel works and local authorities.
Aximax's hard floor cleaner has a fast acting formula which quickly cleans and removes grease, oils, stains and in-grained dirt from all hard floors. 
One of the many benefits of Aximax is that is a highly versatile and can also be used throughout industry as an industrial degreaser to clean work shop floors, walls, roofs, skylights, walkways, safety flooring , equipment, plant machinery, chassis, concrete, conveyors, road signs, traffic cones etc

It can be used in all cleaning applications including floor scrubbing machinery and pressure washers. 

Features of Aximax Floor Cleaning Solution

  • Water based - non flammable 
  • Concentrated formula - a little goes a long way 
  • Rapid action - removes and quickly breaks down heavy soiling 
  • Specially formulated with balanced foam and water softening agents
  • Perfect for cleaning Altro Flooring

If your floor cleaning consists of altro flooring, then Aximax is perfect to use, not only is it a safe floor cleaner but it will leave the altro floor clean, slip free and santized all in one action. It is very important to use the right altro floor cleaner, using incorrect floor cleaning products can damage your surface costing thousands to replace. 

For more information on our range of floor cleaners go to our floor cleaning section online or please call us on 01495 308048, we're here to help you make the right choice.