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Silicone Plus - Silicone Spray
  • Silicone spray
  • Gives a high gloss shine to many types of materials including woods, metals and plastics
  • Odourless and non-tainting
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Case 12 x 400 ml T09A £72.00 (GBP)

High Performance Silicone Spary - Odourless Silicone Spray and Mould Release Agent

This silicone lubricant spray is odourless and non-staining which makes it perefect for use in the rag trade or food processing industry. It is also widely used as a mould release agent to give slip and sliding properties. It is very easy and clean to use in a handy spray can that is non- toxic.

High Performance Silicone Spray can be used as a release or an antistick agent, used in plastic injection moulding, fibre glass moulding, footwear industry, ceramic ware production, rubber articles, and oven shelves not in excess of 315ºC.
This product can also be used within PVC, upholstery, rubber and plastic trim, wood and metal surfaces and in an excellent renovator for vinyl trims. Silicone Plus is used for lubricating uses for most plastic and synthetic, natural rubber or plastic bearings and textile fibres. Puts slip where you want it and prevents the adhering of glue, waxes, felt tip pens, coffee, fruit juices and other sticky substances to metals, glass, wood, porcelain and other hard surfaces.  It also helps make many objects waterproof and enhances the interior finishes of new and second hand cars.
Silicone Plus Silicone Spray also deposits a uniform film which eliminates sticking, prevents any squeaks and prevents surfaces from tarnishing.  Dust, dirt and fluff will not adhere to surfaces treated.
This product can also be used for aiding component assembly by reducing friction and increases slip on slide ways and on plastic compression assemblies aiding water tightness of joint.  May be used in contact with installation and pipe work, but ensure that this is thoroughly flushed clean with water after use.
Also available with added fragrance code TD10A