Floor Polish 

Floor maintainer polish, non-slip floor polish, floor polish remover…whatever type of floor polish you need for whatever floor, we can help. Our professional floor polishes have been used in a multitude of business’s, from polishing the Mayors parlor to polishing school floors.  
One of our best selling products is our metalized floor polish; it is a non slip floor polish, designed to leave a luxurious deep gloss shine. 
Be sure to use the right floor polish for your floor care
Our floor polishes are from our professional floor maintenance range, they are high quality, durable and designed to leave long lasting protection.  We supply the whole range from start to finish for cleaning and maintaining your hard floors; from hard floor cleaners, floor maintainer and floor degreasers to floor polishes and floor coatings in many different forms. 
We have an expert team who can provide advice on our industrial floor polish range; “which is best one to use and for what surface?” 
So where can you use our floor polishes?  
The answer is simple; our commercial floor polish can be used on almost any hard floor surface - vinyl, thermoplastic, rubber, linoleum, composition, and terrazzo, marble, sealed wood and sealed cork. Our floor polishes are used for most commercial floor cleaning processes to leave a deep shine and protection, especially where there this is a heavy flow of traffic.