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Our car care supplies are ideal for trade, valeters, transport and the motor industry. Our car care products are high quality and have been thoroughly tested at our site and by our clients for over 25 years .Our range includes bulk screen wash, de-icer, brake cleaner, carb cleaner, , car polish pressure washer detergents , traffic film removers and waterless polishes to name a few. take a look at our wide range of traffic film removers and car polish ranges and see how using the most effective care car products can save you money and time .please feel free to call us and let us help you choose the right vehicle cleaning products and pressure wash detergents for you fleet or classic vehicle restaration projects .

Dont for get to ask about special offers and trade discounts on car cleaning products

We also stock engine degreaser, solvent cleaner and aqueous degreaser detergents for parts washer cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning  

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Sovereign Gloss - Waterless Car Polish Wax

Sovereign Gloss - Waterless Car Polish Wax

  • Super one-shot gloss cleaner and polish
  • Fast working - easy wipe on wipe off
  • Leaves gloss-shine finish
  • Waterless cleaner for all vehicle paint finishes
From £69.78 (GBP)
Thawout - Professional De Icer

Thawout - Professional De Icer

  • Concentrated De-icer
  • Special formulation of anti re-freeze ingredients
  • Rapid de-icing of windscreens
  • Smear free
  • Works at sub-zero temperatures -15C
  • Water free pure solvent formula
  • Used by front line emergency services
  • Easy to use trigger pack
£57.88 (GBP)
Solution 5000 - Concentrated Screen Wash

Solution 5000 - Concentrated Screen Wash

  • Professional Concentrated Screen Wash
  • Effective in severe low sub zero temperatures - 15c
  • Rapid action Cuts through road film and grime fast
  • Safe non freeze formula
  • Used by Front line Emergency services
  • Does not effect vehicle paintwork or rubber seals
From £19.95 (GBP)