Cost Effective Solvent Degreaser

When operating expensive machinery it is important to ensure dirt and grease are not allowed to build up as they can affect not only the performance, but also the longevity of your machinery. We have developed a range of solvent cleaner and solvent degreaser specifically designed to remove the dirt and grease which builds up during the operation of machinery. Our range of engineering and maintenance cleaning products includes:

Solvent cleaner and degreaser Surface preparation and coatings Lubrication and greases Water based cleaning and degreasing Greases Electrical degreasing

Our range of solvent cleaner, solvent degreaser and other cleaning products will help to protect your investment in expensive machinery and are designed for use in a vast array of industries. With experience of cleaning in a wide range of industrial environments, APT have developed a wealth of knowledge which has enabled us to fine tune our solvent cleaner and solvent degreaser products to meet the specific needs of the environment in which you operate.