Industrial Degreaser

Here at APT we only supply the best range of industrial solvent cleaner and water based degreasing cleaning agents.Our Specialist range of industrial strength degreaser products are divided into to areas; -  one for solvent cleaner degreasing and one for aqueous degreaser or water based concentrated degreasing agents.

Our industrial and medical aqueous degreaser ranges are highly concentrated for greater economy...

 The benefits of using concentrated degreaser are numerous - you use less product, gain greater control, order cost is less, less storage space needed, less waste to manage saving you hundreds or even thousands of pounds, it's better for our carbon footprint - "don't pay to ship water ". We also ensure our industrial degreasers are versatile, so you can use them in many applications. Our degreasers are environmentally friendly and we use only safe natural degreasing agents wherever possible which are safer for the user, the surface and the environment. 
We understand the many different applications and processes used in industrial markets such as aerospace, engineering, weapons, manufacturing, through to hygiene and food processing environments.
Choosing the right degreaser fluid is crucial 
With over 25 years experience we have put together our specialist range of natural citrus degreaser products to ensure we help you select the best product for your application. We manufacture our products using the highest quality and most effective ecological ingredients available in order to produce the latest degreasing formulations to give you the best from the market place.
All our concentrated aqueous cleaner fluids and solvent degreaser products are strictly manufactured to meet or surpass current legislation as we continue to research and develop new industrial degreaser formulations in order to be at the pinnacle of the market serving clients and the environment for the future. 
We know only too well the problems caused for our clients by using ineffective or low grade chemical degreasing solutions which often lead to long term issues with staff errors and process maintenance issues, that's why APT offer a full survey to ensure the correct degreasing agent is used in the correct way checking not only the degreasing method and process but also compatibility of your spray parts washer, ultrasonic cleaner tank, surfaces or other equipment. In the case of cleaning and degreasing with the aqueous degreaser fluids range the correct dilution is measured to avoid damage to your cleaning or degreasing machinery.
We have  invested many years into research to ensure that the degreasing fluid you buy works effectively - our tests ensure that you get fast results with the best eco friendly degreaser available. In summary we ensure that our industrial solvent cleaner degreaser or water based degreaser delivers the results that you expect.
Please check out our NEW range designed to easily and safely remove ingrained dirt, grime, diesel oil, food oils, bitumen, asphalt, tar remover, adhesives and grease from a huge variety of surfaces. APT Citrus Degreaser is made of naturally derived ingredients of citrus degreasing oils. 
Our fast to super fast evaporating solvent cleaner range will suit almost every cleaning and degreasing application including ultrasonic cleaning and parts washer cleaner and panel wipes. Many of our concentrated Aqueous degreaser range are safe for use in the engineering ,food processing and medical industries, they are powerful and yet versatile and will not only degrease but clean and sanitize all surfaces, antibaterial for killing a wide range of bacteria.
The APT range of industrial degreaser is vast from heavy duty degreaser for engineering plants to degreasers for the food industry - we know how important it is to use the right degreasing fluid on the right surface. The wrong product can damage surfaces, costing thousands to replace. 
Our team of specialist are only too happy to discuss your requirements. Call us today and let us help you choose the correct degreaser for your application. Call 01495 308048 or email us now