Fogger Machines

APT have serviced the infection control industry for 30 years and are well versed on methodology and the correct disinfectants to use to safely kill viruses. We work with 1000's organisations across the UK, including the NHS and frontline services. We are here you help support your organisation through this pandemic, so please do not hesitate to call for any advice at all.


What fogger machine do you recommend?

APT have a wide range of disinfectant fogging machines in stock in our UK warehouse for immediate delivery. The type of fogger machine you chose depends on your building, the size of premises and in part personal preference. We highly recommend that you call our specialist of 30 years to seek expert advice on the best way to use the fogger. We will provide you with a full practical guide on how to use fogging machines for infection control. It is our desire to help prevent the spread of this cruel virus, therefore you will not find high pressure sales, you will find informative helpful advice whether you buy from us or not.


What does a fogger do?

APT Fogging machines are used for infection control to kill surface and airborne bacteria. It must be noted that a fogging machine alone will not kill infectious pathogens, YOU MUST USE the appropriate specialised terminal disinfectant to destroy bacteria. APT recommend VIRO KILL, a terminal sanitiser that will kill 99.9% of harmful airborne bacteria and surface pathogens. Fogging sanitation produces micro-droplets of disinfectant and biocides that float in the air for around 5-15 minutes. The sanitizer fogging machine have a vast range making them perfect for large areas. Results are quick and significant.


How do you disinfect with a fogger?

Disinfection with a portable fogging machine is easy, quick and highly effective in the killing of bacteria. They are handheld lightweight machines giving you complete control, they can be used by anyone following our guidelines safely. You must use full PPE, including masks, gloves and googles, APT’s pack comes complete with FREE PPE.


Can you put disinfectant in a fogging machine?

We recommend that VIROKILL, a terminal disinfectant fogging machine liquid is used through the fogging machine to directly target all surfaces including out of reach areas. The fogging process can also be used on soft furnishing.

VIROKILL is a powerful, fast acting amphoteric biocide bactericidal killer, it conforms to BS EN 1276 and BS EN 14476

VIROKILL is food safe and therefore suitable for use in kitchens, food manufacturing and processing plants.

It is available in ready to use or concentrated formula, which makes up to 50 times more than our VIROKILL RTU - it is the most cost effective option.


Is it safe to use a fogging machine on all surfaces?

Provided that you use the right and appropriate bactericide, then the answer is yes. The foggers can disinfect and sanitise all hard and soft surfaces safely including curtains, telephone equipment, fridges, computers, toilets, chairs etc.


What is the best time for fogging?

Fogging can be used at any time however, it should be done when there are no people in the room apart from those treating the area. Once the area has been treated, we recommend entry within 30-40 minutes.


Can you use a fogger in hospitals?

Yes, fogging machines are one of the safest and quickest ways to significantly reduce viable infectious pathogens, treating the surface and the air, when compared to manual surface cleaning alone. The process is highly effective with very minimal disruption as all equipment, furniture and soft furniture remain in place.


APT's Fogging disinfectant machine UK are used in care homes, dentists, doctors surgeries, hotels, gyms, offices, Police, transport, holiday parks, retail outlets and schools.

If you decide that you would rather a professional company As well as supplying our fogging sanitisation equipment, our sister company also provides deep clean fogging services for more information APT-ICC Infection Control Fogging Services

APT are the largest supplier of foggers in the UK and are supplied complete with either RTU Viro Kill (Ready to use antiviral disinfectant) or our Super Concentrated Viro-Kill

We understand that it is not always easy to decide on which fogging machine is right for you therefore, we have a free phone number so that our trained staff can help talk you through it, please call us we are always happy to help 01495 308048.