Battery Operated Fogging Machine

Battery Operated Fogging Machine First Order Half Price
Fogger Starter pack offer including 4x5 Ltr Antiviral Disinfectant RTU over £75.00 and safety PPE PACK worth over £65

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 The latest model in battery operated mobile Fogging machines
 Super-fast for Total surface coverage and huge labour savings
 Ideal for small treatment rooms and offices, transport vehicles and carriages
 Fully sanitise in minutes not hours compared to manual surface cleaning
 Directly deliver antiviral disinfect to target problem areas reaching over 5 Mtr
 Fogging is the best way of maximising surface prevention control and treatment
 Charging time: 1 hour · Running time: up to 40 minutes
 Cold ULV fogger can disperse set amount of light mist wetting fog to fully cover surfaces
 Low Noise machine is less than 75 decibels, to reduce interference
 Strong and robust with metal finish precise nozzles allow you to fully spread the antiviral disinfectant
Reasonable price Battery Operated Fogging Machine does the job well ideal for small treatment rooms, communal spaces and offices, coffee shops, hairdressers, clinics, small bars rooms and transport vehicles and carriages.
£283.76 (GBP)

Santising Wipes

Santising Wipes First Order Half Price

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Certified to BS EN1276, BS EN14476, BS EN1650 & BS EN1500

 Kills 99.9% of Harmful Bacteria
 Effective against E-Coli, Norovirus, MRSA and others
 Fast Drying 70% Alcohol Wipes
 Paraben Free
 pH Balanced - Contains Skin Conditioners
 Waterless sanitising surface cleaner
 Large Size (6.3" X 7.08")
 Dermatology tested
 Portable hand cleanser
£58.62 (GBP)

Infection Control Products

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Coronavirus Information (March 2020)

Coronavirus is heading towards a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

There could be a "very significant expansion" of the number of cases of coronavirus in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned, adding "The most important thing now is that we prepare against a possible very significant expansion of coronavirus in the UK population."

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued recommended use of diligent hand hygiene, using Hand Sanitising Wash, including Alcohol Based Sanitisers, as the best method of virus prevention.

Source: BBC News: Coronavirus cases in UK could rise 'significantly', says PM