Fast Drying Safe Solvent Cleaner

 Fast Drying Safe Solvent Cleaner First Order Half Price
  • Microtec Fast evaporating solvent cleaner
  • A Safe industral Solvent degreaser to remove all greases, oils, inks, glues, adhesives and waxes & sticky residues
  • Fast 100% evaporating formula where quick drying time is paramount
  • Non toxic with virtually no odour
  • From £44.25 (GBP)

    Aqueous Degreaser and Hard Surface Cleaner

    Aqueous Degreaser and Hard Surface Cleaner First Order Half Price

    The Most Reliable, Industrial Concentrated Degreaser, Hard Surface Cleaner

  • Just 5 litres makes over 500 liters of powerful degreaser
  • Food safe cleaning and degreasing formula
  • Only one product for all cleaning operations
  • For fast removal of stubborn grease, oil and grime
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% water soluble, leaves no film
  • From £22.97 (GBP)

    Kagez 703 - Quick Drying Safe Solvent Degreaser & Cleaner

    Kagez 703 - Quick Drying Safe Solvent Degreaser & Cleaner First Order Half Price
    • Highly refined solvent Degreaser and cleaner specifically formulated for use on non live electrical parts, electronic components, engine parts, bearings, gear boxes and chains
    • Safe solvent degreaser Chlorine free and non toxic
    • Suitable for use on almost all componant surfaces
    • Total evaporation - leaves no residue
    • Environmental and user friendly
    From £27.15 (GBP)

    Mectar Citrus Solvent Degreaser & Tar Remover

    Mectar Citrus Solvent Degreaser & Tar Remover First Order Half Price
    • Heavy duty safe citrus degreaser
    • Rapid action, low odour tar and glue remover
    • Controlled evaporation allowing greater contact time
    • High Flashpoint: Greater than 60oC
    • Super concentrated - giving maximum economy
    • Eco logical – contains natural ingredients
    • Eco-friendly, non-toxic natural citrus solvent
    From £25.95 (GBP)

    Metasoak - Aluminium Cleaner & Aqueous Degreaser

    Metasoak - Aluminium Cleaner & Aqueous Degreaser First Order Half Price
    • Versatile non-caustic alkaline metal parts cleaner, degreaser and de-carboniser
    • Used in the engineering & food industries
    • Low foam formula designed for maximum cleaning and degreasing
    • Removes the toughest carbon and oil deposits
    • Pefect parts washer fluid
    • Environmentally friendly and rapidly bio-degradable
    From £30.80 (GBP)

    Sodakleen - Highly Concentrated Degreaser

    Sodakleen - Highly Concentrated Degreaser First Order Half Price
    • Powerful metal cleaner and degreaser
    • Quickly cleans and degreases the toughest grease and baked on carbon build up . Used in industrial cleaning of commercial kitchen cleaner and degreaser tasks
    • Can be used hot or cold when diluted
    • Extremely fast acting degreaser
    • Can be used in spray wash machines, dip tanks, spray washer’s and in in food processing applications
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    Ultramax 2020

    Ultramax 2020 First Order Half Price
    UltraMax 2020 Is a highly concentrated ultrasonic degreaser. Our most sought after alkaline, ultrasonic cleaner fluid and degreasing agent is safe for use on most metals,painted metals , glass, ceramics, plastics, nylons and rubber parts. It is suitable for all commercial ultrasonic cleaning tanks and component degreasing found in the aerospace, medical, munitions, transport, industrial manufacturing, servicing and re-manufacturing sectors. UltraMax 2020 is odourless, food safe and ideal also for laboratory cleaning.
    From £30.50 (GBP)

    Ultramax CTRU

    Ultramax CTRU First Order Half Price
    A non-toxic, safe citrus solvent degreaser for fast removal of all adhesives, glues, heavy tars, bitumen and asphalt residues when you require the best ultrasonic cleaning fluid ,solvent degreaser and parts washer cleaner . It can be used on a wide range of materials including all metals and most plastics. Our Safe non toxic special formulation citrus solvent degreaser can be used in all ultrasonic cleaning tanks cold with no need for heating . Used in the medical, munitions, shipping, transport, industrial manufacturing, servicing and re-manufacturing sectors.
    From £27.85 (GBP)

    Ultramax KSOL

    Ultramax KSOL First Order Half Price
    UltraMax KSOL is a versatile and safe, non-toxic, ultrasonic cleaning fluid and safe solvent degreaser with an eco-friendly, hydrocarbon free formula. Ultramax KSOL cleaning solvent will evaporate completely without leaving any residue is suitable for degreasing all metals, plastics and rubber based items and most electrical components including printed circuit boards. Used for wide variety of ultrasonic baths for degreasing tasks in the medical, munitions, transport, industrial manufacturing, servicing and re-manufacturing sectors. It Quickly removes all oils greases ,inks ,dyes ,light waxes, flux and other unwanted sticky residues or coatings. Flash point is above 66 oC.
    From £27.15 (GBP)

    Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid

    The leading brand in Sonic Cleaners and Degreasers

    We have over 25 years of experience in the cleaning chemicals business and we continuously research and develop new formulations in order to be at the pinnacle of the market, our unique range of ultrasonic cleaning agents, cleaners and degreasers are known as Ultra-Max.

    We manufacture our ultrasonic cleaning fluids using the highest quality and most effective ecological ingredients available, this produces the most up to date degreasing formulations which give you the best product options on the market. All our concentrated aqueous cleaners, solvent degreasers and cleaning solvents have been formulated and tested to meet all current legislation.

    We know only too well the problems caused from using ineffective, low-grade ultrasonic cleaning products which can lead to long-term process maintenance issues. For this reason we offer a full survey to ensure the correct product is used for your degreasing application. In the case of the aqueous ultrasonic detergent range we ensure the correct dilution rate is established to avoid damage to your ultrasonic equipment.

    The Ultra-Max range can be used in all degreaser and ultrasonic cleaning tank and parts washer systems to produce thorough cleaning and degreasing of components found in industrial engineering and transport, medical services through to stringent aerospace, weapons, parts cleaner, medical equipment, sanitiser and component degreaser.

    The best industrial ultrasonic cleaning fluids

    Included in our specialist industrial strength cleaner and degreaser fluids are three ultrasonic solvent cleaners and degreasers and five concentrated and cost effective ultrasonic aqueous cleaner and degreaser solutions. All designed to suit any ultrasonic cleaning operation (sonic cleaners).  

    We ensure that our industrial solvent or aqueous degreaser delivers the results that you expect. The years of research and development ensures that the degreasing fluid you buy works and works effectively and our tests ensure that you get fast, optimum results.

    Some of our range

    Our citrus degreaser and solvent cleaner range easily and safely removes ingrained dirt, grime, diesel oil, food oils, bitumen, tar, and adhesives from a huge variety of surfaces. APT’s citrus degreaser is made from naturally derived citrus oils.

    Our fast to super-fast evaporating solvent cleaner range has been formulated to suit almost every cleaning and degreasing application including ultrasonic bath cleaning and parts washer cleaning tasks.

    Many of the products in our concentrated aqueous degreaser range are safe for use in the engineering, food processing and medical industries. They are powerful yet versatile and will not only degrease but clean and sanitise all surfaces, killing a huge range of bacteria. We have a vast range of industrial degreasers ranging from heavy duty degreaser for engineering plants to degreasers suitable for use in the food industry. We know how important it is to use the right ultrasonic bath fluid on the right surface. The wrong product can damage surfaces costing thousands to replace.

    Let us help you choose the correct ultrasonic cleaner for your application. Call our team of specialists on 01495 308048 or email us at