Do you call it algae remover, algae cleaner or algae killer? Whatever challenge algae poses, you’ll find everything to tackle it here. From Algae Free mould remover to gauntlet safety chemical gloves, we’re your one stop source of products and advice as you tackle algae.
All the advice you need when buying algae remover
Decades of experience in cleaning shows that it pays not to cut corners when clearing algae. As well as effective algae removal you’ll want to protect nearby vegetation – and retard algae regrowth for as long as possible. Our helpful customer services team know all the best products and techniques for your next anti-algae campaign. We’re more than just another online stockist – we’re your essential partner against algae.
Where possible, we combine more than one function into an anti-algae treatment – such as mould inhibitor and fungi killer. You benefit by not having to order and store several different chemicals. What’s more, many products are highly-concentrated for maximum long-term cost-effectiveness.
A wide range or related cleaning products
Because removing algae often goes alongside tackling other problems and pests, you’ll find lots of related industrial cleaning products alongside our anti-algae treatments. Don’t be surprised! You and APT make a superb team when you need to remove algae in demanding industrial and commercial environments.