Stainless steel is practical, durable and can look stunning. But it demands special treatment if it is going to maintain its looks and performance in the toughest industrial environments. Making sure that you have the right stainless steel cleaner on hand is vital. It’s easy with so many versatile products in this part of the website…
One stainless steel cleaner, several uses and money saved
Like many of our products, our stainless steel cleaner and polish is designed to do two jobs in one. You save money and administration costs because you only need to buy one cleaner instead of several stainless steel cleaning products. That’s just one reason why the most demanding customers keep coming back to us. Another reason is our experience and helpful customer service. We’re more than just another online stockist selling stainless steel cleaners – decades of experience in cleaning gives you priceless reassurance whenever you buy from us or need advice.
Your partner in stainless steel cleaning
We’re your partner when it comes to cleaning stainless steel and other materials. Our products have been designed especially for commercial catering and other specialist applications, with formulations for cleaning stainless steel appliances and applying a polish to stainless steel and other bright metals.
You and your APT stainless steel cleaner – the perfect team in the battle against dirt and germs in the busiest environments.
 Super Concentrated Kitchen Cleaning Products

Super Concentrated Kitchen Cleaning Products

  • Ultraclean MB ultimate all-in-one anti-bacterial cleaner and degreaser
  • Easily cuts through all stubborn food residues, grease, oil, grime and even heavy baked on carbon deposits
  • Dilutes up to 1 to 200 parts water
  • New scientific blend of bactericidal killing agents - kills 99.99% of all Gram+ & Gram- bacteria including; salmonella, listeria, MRSA & e-Coli
  • Formulated using the latest eco-friendly ingredients
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From £24.45 (GBP)
Stainless Steel Cleaner and Metal Polish

Stainless Steel Cleaner and Metal Polish

  • Specially formulated for cleaning stainless steel surfaces
  • Easily removes grease and dirt
  • Leaves lasting shine and is resistant to finger marks and dirt
  • Food safe and non-tainting
£65.45 (GBP)
Super Metal Cleaner & Polish

Super Metal Cleaner & Polish

  • All purpose metal cleaner and polish
  • Ideal for removing blemishes and oxidization on polished paintwork, metals and stainless steel
  • Quick application for a long lasting shine
  • Environmentally friendly
From £29.37 (GBP)
Phos-Clean - Descaler for Catering Equipment & Limescale Remover

Phos-Clean - Descaler for Catering Equipment & Limescale Remover

  • Highly concentrated formula designed to remove scale build up in catering & industrial processing equipment
  • Used to service, maintain and treat water carrying pipework and storage units to combat lime scale build up and bacterial growth
  • Food safe
From £28.19 (GBP)