You know how difficult tar removal can be – and how it seems to get everywhere you don’t want it to be! One of the wisest precautions you can take is to make sure you've got plenty of tar remover available. That. and knowing how to remove tar, really can help get you out of the sticky stuff. It makes a great bitumen remover, oil remover, wax remover, adhesive remover and glue remover too…

More than just a tar remover
Our fast-acting eco-friendly tar remover is specially formulated to remove all sorts of unwanted coatings and oil stains. These products are for more than just removing tar. It’s another benefit with our products – one product that does several things can save you time and money from ordering to storage.
Knowledgeable advice as well as a great range
After several decades in cleaning materials we've got a great feel for the right ‘sticky stuff remover’ for any task. Choose from the products in this section or ask our customer support team for advice on anything from wax removal to how to remove oil stains. We’re more than just an off-the-shelf stockist of tar remover – we’re your partner for cleaning products.
Make no mistake, you and APT make a great team when it comes to removing tar, oil stain removal or getting other solvent-based materials from surfaces.
Mectar Citrus Solvent Degreaser & Tar Remover

Mectar Citrus Solvent Degreaser & Tar Remover

  • Heavy duty safe citrus degreaser
  • Rapid action, low odour tar and glue remover
  • Controlled evaporation allowing greater contact time
  • High Flashpoint: Greater than 60oC
  • Super concentrated - giving maximum economy
  • Eco logical – contains natural ingredients
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic natural citrus solvent
From £25.95 (GBP)
Solvent Cleaner, Gum Remover

Solvent Cleaner, Gum Remover

  • Rapidly removes chewing gum and adhesive glue deposits
  • Non Toxic formula with Citrus oil
  • Fast to penatrate and breakdown unwanted residues, adhesives and bitumin deposits
  • Controlled slow evaporation allowing greater contact time
  • Ecological formula
From £98.48 (GBP)
Hand Cleaning Wipes

Hand Cleaning Wipes

  • Dual Purpose - Hand cleaner and surface wipes
  • Active biocide and sanitizer for perfect hand hygiene
  • Works quickly and effectively on dirt and tough soiling
  • Ideal for hand cleaning and cleaning small parts
  • Gentle lotions condition and protect your skin
  • Self-drying and resealable packet
From £76.40 (GBP)