Washing Powder 

There’s laundry detergent and then there are our powerful, highly concentrated washing detergent products with their advanced enzymes and optical brighteners for amazing cleaning. What’s more, because our concentrated products go further as they clean better, they really can save you time and money…
Choosing the right washing powder or liquid is one of the keys to hygiene and cost-effective laundry in hard-working industrial or public environments. And all at the lowest possible temperatures for those vital energy savings. From professional liquid laundry detergent to specialist chewing gum and adhesive label removers, you’ll find everything you need.
Don’t cut corners with laundry detergent
We’ll say it again. Cutting corners with cheap cleaning products is false economy. That’s why the most demanding users of washing detergents keep putting their trust in our highly-concentrated products. We don’t just sell washing powder and liquids – we’re your partner for all kinds of washing detergent and related products such as degreasers and latex powder-free gloves.
Performance and long-term value
Our existing customers love the way our concentrated products last longer and give better long-run value. Every washing detergent we offer is perfect for the demands of commercial and industrial laundry processing. And of course, everything’s backed up by our trademark customer service. You and APT – it’s the perfect team in the battle against dirty laundry in the UK’s toughest laundry environments.
Concentrated Professional Laundry Products Liquid

Concentrated Professional Laundry Products Liquid

  • Professional Industrial Laundry wash liquid
  • Specially formulated for professional use on all fabrics and cloths in industrial automatic and non-automatic washing machines
  • Formulated to radically clean even at low temperatures
From £21.55 (GBP)
Professional Laundry Powder

Professional Laundry Powder

  • Professional advanced formula laundry powder
  • Outstanding finish, even at 30 degrees
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • No need for pre-washing or pre-soaking
£17.99 (GBP)
Professional Laundry Washing Powder

Professional Laundry Washing Powder

  • Professional advanced laundry powder
  • Provides over 150+ washes
  • Outstanding finish even at 30 degrees
  • No need for pre-washing or pre-soaking
  • Dermatological tested - suitable for sensitive skin
From £27.99 (GBP)
Laundry Washing Tablets

Laundry Washing Tablets

  • Professional laundry washing tablets
  • Concentrated powerful stain searching & removing ingredients
  • Leaves all fabrics bright, clean and fresh after every wash
£16.99 (GBP)
Sanitising Powder & De-stainer - 10kg

Sanitising Powder & De-stainer - 10kg

Highly concentrated De- staining & Sanitising powder
£0.00 (GBP)
Super 10 - Concentrated Oil Remover & Degreaser

Super 10 - Concentrated Oil Remover & Degreaser

  • Concentrated emulsifying degreaser and hard surface cleaner
  • Very effective oil remover due to its highly concentrated formula
  • Ideal for use on tar bitumen based surfaces
  • Non caustic and solvent free
  • Biodegradable and eco friendly
From £30.25 (GBP)
Power Bleach - Industrial Bleach

Power Bleach - Industrial Bleach

  • Super strength thick bleach
  • Concentrated formulation of sodium hypochlorite used to kill germs quickly
  • Concentrated formulation ensures a little goes a long way
  • Kills a wide range of pathogenic bacteria
  • Regular use stops build up of slime and fungi
From £15.60 (GBP)
Latex Powder-Free Gloves

Latex Powder-Free Gloves

Out of stock

  • Glove weight is 5.4g offering exceptional strength & durability
  • Pliable material for increased comfort
  • Contains no allergenic proteins
  • Latex-free
  • Food safe
From £53.95 (GBP)