Concentrated Cleaning Solution

A little goes a long way with APT. We offer a range of concentrated cleaning solutions offering excellent value for money, all designed to keep dirt at bay.

In any commercial setup, you need cleaning solutions that work well and work for you. Whether you’re cleaning a car, an office, or an industrial oven, a cleaning solution has to be fit for purpose and it has to make things easy on the person tasked with the responsibility of cleaning.

APT Cleaning Supplies looks to make things easy on you. We’ve been researching, testing and producing commercial cleaning chemicals for more than 25 years, so if one thing can be said of the products we supply, it’s that they work in application. All our cleaning solutions are highly concentrated and designed for the professional market.

A concentrated cleaning solution will not be diluted beforehand, therefore when you buy in bulk you are buying a cleaning product that will last you a long time because you only ever have to use a small amount for each cleaning session.

APT is here to please, and here to make things easy on you.