Algae Treatment Solutions


Removing algae overgrowth is generally more difficult than preventing algae in the first place. However, if algae has already started to appear, then the sooner it is dealt with the better. 

For enduring algae removal you can find no better treatment solution than APT’s Algae Free algae remover. Experience has told us never to cut corners when it comes to algae treatment solutions, so we supply some of the best, and we offer a friendly and helpful customer service team who will be able to advise you when choosing your algae treatment solutions. 

Our products are highly concentrated to ensure maximum cost effectiveness in the long term, and our products are geared towards commercial use. 

The range of products we offer are effective in thorough algae removal and can be used in commercial applications. Time and experience have proved APT Cleaning Supplies’ algae treatment solutions to be superior in safety, reliability and effectiveness. Simple to use and safe to use, our algae products will leave any neighbouring plants, shrubs, grass and wildlife healthy and algae free.