The Importance of Good Hand Hygiene

Flu, the common cold, food poisoning and skin infections are all examples of illnesses that can be passed on from person to person. One of the most common ways these illnesses spread is from hand to hand – on door handles, equipment, pens, cash machines, phones cups etc. The germs are literally ‘dropped off’ by one person, and then ‘picked up’ by another.

Having the flu or food poisoning spread throughout a workplace costs money in sick days. However, it is much more serious than this in certain environments, such as hospitals or catering. Food poisoning the catering industry could ruin a company’s reputation, and a flu virus in a hospital could cost vulnerable patients their lives!

Good hand hygiene can prevent germs from spreading from person to person! If staff, clients and visitors have access to an effective hand steriliser, then a virus can be stopped in its tracks.

APT Cleaning Supplies are a leading manufacturer and supplier of all types of chemical cleaning products, including hand steriliser. The importance of good hand hygiene in any modern hospital or catering company requires a hand steriliser that is able to act quickly and efficiently, whilst being easy to use and apply. Steri Wash, an APT product, is perfect for this task. Find out more about Steri Wash and APTs other hand hygiene products

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