Algae Removal

Algae is able to turn any surface or object into a bright green mass in very little time! Unlike other plant life, algae doesn't have leaves, roots or stalks which gives it the unique ability to grow pretty much anywhere it pleases! Once it has set in it can be very difficult to remove and will require a specialist cleaning solution to get rid of it and ensure that it doesn't grow back. Spending hours scrubbing away at the algae may be okay for some people, but it isn't ideal for businesses as the wasted time will be costly. In this case, the only way to ensure the swift, safe removal of the algae is to find a company who can supply you with algae removal chemicals.

APT Cleaning Supplies have developed a product just for this task – Algae Free. Algae Free has several important features including; a highly concentrated formula (ensuring maximum economy), is environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable and phosphate free, and is completely safe to use around pets and children. You can find out more about this algae removal product by visiting the APT website at