Moss Removal Products

Moss, just like other similar vegetation such as algae, thrives in damp, humid environments and can be very difficult to remove. Affecting everything including pathways, cladding, signs, stonework, slipways and boats, it can create multiple problems. As well as causing an area to look run down and unkempt, moss can also create two other serious problems:

·       Slipping hazard – Moss can quickly turn even the most stable of walkways into potential health hazards. As the moss will capture and hold rain or water from any other source, it will create a dangerous and highly slippery surface that no health and safety executive would be impressed with! In this situation it is absolutely essential to invest in effective moss removal products

·       Structural damage – Instead of roots, moss has what is known as rhizoids. Rhizoids are tiny, root-like structures that allow the moss to anchor itself to almost any surface. In addition to holding water close to the surface, they can also penetrate into the material causing further degradation too.

If you have areas of your land or buildings affected by moss or algae, you should invest in moss removal products. The best way to do so is to get in touch with APT Cleaning Supplies and order in their professional algae & moss removing cleaner – Algae Free. Find out more at