Professional Oven Cleaner

If you operate a cleaning company, your clients will probably include both commercial and private kitchens. One of the hardest things to keep clean in any kitchen, commercial & residential alike, is the oven. Whether it's used multiple times every single day or once a week, the oven will develop a layer of dirt and grime that is extremely difficult to remove. Whilst it may be acceptable for homeowners to apply a cleaning solution and wait overnight for the chemicals to take effect, in a commercial kitchen the process needs to be much quicker. Whereas the average homeowner might clean their oven every couple of months, an oven used in a commercial kitchen will require much more regular cleaning and maintenance. For this reason, you should look to buy a fast acting and highly efficient professional oven cleaner. 

APT have a great range of professional oven cleaners including their most popular – Gladiator. Gladiator is available in two varieties – a liquid solution and an aerosol. Both will quickly remove baked-on grime, grease and heavy carbon deposits with no scrubbing at all! They also hold excellent environmental properties too as they are fully biodegradable and phosphate free. Visit the APT website at