Safe Highway Sign Cleaner

A common problem affecting signs on the roads and highways is algae. Algae can begin to grow on almost any surface that is exposed to the outside elements and, whilst it can be an eyesore on walls and cladding, it could be potentially dangerous on highways! If the algae has grown and expanded to such an extent that it is covering or obscuring the wording on a road sign, it could cause drivers to carry out any number of dangerous manoeuvres in response such as rapid deceleration or straying into other lanes. On fast moving roads, this could present a large hazard and therefore it is essential to clean and remove any traces of algae as soon as possible. However, algae is notorious for being difficult to remove and requires specialist cleaning chemicals and equipment in order to do the best job and prevent future growth.

APT have a great range of products which are ideally suited for use as a safe highway sign cleaner and can be applied using a variety of different methods including brushes and lances – ideal for highway operators. Find out more about the products at