Concentrated Cleaning Solution

When you are looking to order in your next batch of cleaning supplies, you should think to yourself, “Am I really getting the best value for money?” More often than not, the answer will be a resounding no! This is due to a number of reasons. First of all, are you buying directly from a cleaning chemical manufacturer or from a retailer or middleman? If you aren't buying direct then you will be paying over the odds even though you don't have to. Next, it is more than likely that the cleaning chemicals themselves are diluted many times before being bottled, packaged and sent on to you. This means that as well as reducing the efficiency of your workers, you will also be paying extra shipping costs to have all the extra weight of water delivered to you! A concentrated cleaning solution won't have excess water and will provide you with a highly efficient cleaner, whilst also reducing the packaging size, shipping and associated storage costs.

APT are one of the leading cleaning chemical manufacturers in the country and have a huge range of concentrated cleaning products which will be suitable for every type of cleaning application. Find out more on their website at