Ceramic Floor Tile Cleaner

Although ceramic floors are generally a cost effective and attractive surface for flooring, they may not be as simple and easy to clean as you might expect. If you use the incorrect type of chemicals, tools or equipment to clean them, you might find that you could be damaging the delicate surface of the tiles. At the least, doing this could result in the tiles becoming discoloured or losing their shiny top surface, but may also cause other issues such as cracking. In order to avoid this, you should be sure to only use the right equipment and tile cleaner for the job.

For many years, APT have been supplying cleaning equipment and chemicals to all kinds of industries and businesses throughout the UK. Their range of products includes those that have been specially designed in order to ensure the fast, efficient and delicate cleaning of ceramic tiles. Scrub-less, APT's specialist ceramic floor tile cleaner is a high quality, chalk free and easy rinse ceramic tile cleaner which is ideal for tiles, sinks and wash room cleaning tasks. After cleaning and buffing the surfaces, Scrub-less will give the tile an exceptional shine and leave them with a clean, fresh lemon scent. You can find out more about this ceramic floor tile cleaner, and other cleaning products on their website at www.aptcleaningsupplies.co.uk.