Paint Remover Wipes

No matter how hard or how long you scrub away at graffiti paint, if you're just using water or a regular cleaning solution, you'll be there for some time! Whilst some surfaces are tough enough and are able to endure heavy and prolonged scrubbing, others will quickly become damaged and start to cause you even more problems. You may be able to use harsh wire brushes on brick and stonework without making too much of a mess but for things like wood, plastic & stone cladding, you will have to stick to using something much more suited to the task.

If you have trouble with graffiti paint on and around your business premises, rather than spending lots of time and effort using the wrong tools and equipment, you should look to using specialist-cleaning chemicals such as paint remover wipes. APT have been supplying businesses all around the UK with the best chemicals for every job and have a range of products ideally suited for the removal and prevention of graffiti. Their paint remover wipes are perfect for smaller areas and will allow you & your workers to quickly and effectively remove any traces of paint before it has chance to set in. Find out more on