Anti Algae Treatment

Algae is a common issue affecting many surfaces that are exposed to moisture and the elements. Areas that are particularly at risk of developing an algae problem include walls, pathways, roofs, gutters, motor homes, convertible roofs, awnings, cladding, boats & sails, swimming pools, conservatories, bollards, bus stops and road signs. The reason why algae is such a problem is for several reasons:

  • Fast growing – It doesn't take long for algae to begin to grow and develop.
  • Difficult to remove – As well as being relatively difficult to remove in itself, if you happen to leave traces on the surface, it will grow back even quicker next time. This is a particular problem for things like car roofs and awnings due to the fact that the algae can penetrate deep into the fibres of the material. For this reason a highly effective anti algae treatment will be required.
  • Unsightly – As algae is a dark green colour, it will make any surface look messy and uncared for.
  • Hazardous – In addition to being unsightly, algae can also cause a health hazard due to its slippery nature. Concrete and wooden paths are at most risk of this and should be dealt with sooner rather than later especially on business premises where customers or employees could be at risk.

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