Catering Cleaning Chemicals

In the catering industry, it’s absolutely vital that all work surfaces and equipment is kept clean and germ free. However, if standards are to be maintained you'll need to invest in the best catering cleaning chemicals and the right personnel to use them. In large commercial kitchens and industrial scale processes, unless you can find the right supplier, the cost of buying all the cleaning chemicals and equipment can quickly add up. That's why APT have developed a series of catering cleaning products that are designed to provide highly efficient cleaning at great value.
From catering cleaning chemicals to all types of supplies and equipment, APT have got everything covered. Some of the top selling catering cleaning products include:

  • Phos-clean – A highly concentrated formula that is designed to remove scale build up in catering and industrial processing equipment. This food safe lime scale remover is used to service, maintain and treat water piping and storage vessels in order to prevent lime scale and reduce bacteria build-ups.
  • AB Super Wipes – Heavy-duty non-woven all purpose cleaning cloths which are able to be washed and re-used up to 15 times. Suitable for all janitorial and catering applications.

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