Algae Removal Techniques

As long as moisture is present, algae can grow almost anywhere. This means that anything and everything that comes into contact with moisture on a regular basis is at risk of developing algae. As well as creating an unsightly mess, algae is very difficult to remove and will be a highly time consuming and fruitless endeavour if you don't have the right equipment. Since it grows in areas high in moisture, things like swimming pools, ponds and anywhere else in or around water will be particularly at risk. If you have an algae problem in one of these areas, you should take care to only use algae removal solutions that are safe for both the environment and any plants and animals living there.

APT have introduced an exceptionally efficient algae removal product – Algae Free. Its highly concentrated formula means you get maximum economy from each application and ensures that you get the job done in as little time as possible. It is used by professionals as an algae cleaner to quickly remove and kill algae spores & moss from many types of surface including building façades and metal cladding. Find out more about APT or their algae removal solutions by visiting the website at