Graffiti Removal Spray

Notoriously difficult to remove, graffiti can be a huge hassle for those that are tasked to do the job. If you or your workers need to remove graffiti, rather than spending countless hours scrubbing away with watered down chemicals or soaps, the most efficient way of dealing with the issue is to purchase a specialised graffiti removal spray. With a specialised product, you will be able to remove the graffiti quickly, efficiently and you won't have to worry about potentially damaging the surface underneath!

APT offer a huge range of cleaning products as well as several graffiti removal sprays which have been specially formulated to remove all types of graffiti including crayon waxes, new age markers, adhesive labels and aerosol paint. Ideally suited to smaller tasks, the graffiti removal spray is incredibly easy to use and its safe, non toxic formula is suitable for use on plastic, stone and any other surface types. For larger areas, other products which can be used with a tank and spray-gun are also available too. If you would like to view the products, find out more about them or the company or get in touch, just visit the website by going to