Hard Surface Cleaners

Whether you require a hard surface multi-purpose or general purpose cleaner for use on metal, in kitchens, swimming pools, exterior floors, or anywhere else, you may have trouble finding a suitable product. Most hard surface cleaners are diluted which means that they will be less effective at doing their job and you will be paying extra, both to ship larger quantities and to store the product.

APT have a wide range of highly concentrated hard surface cleaners including one which was nominated in 2012 as the product of choice for cleaning the Olympic Aquatic Pool tile surround! The complete range includes everything you need to remove dirt, grime and bacteria from any type of hard surface and the products currently available are as follows:

Speed X7 – Multi purpose cleaning solution suitable for use in a wide variety of applications where the fast removal of ingrained dirt, grime, oil and grease is required.

Easy – Environmentally friendly solution for all-purpose metal cleaning and polishing.

Aquacleanse – A safe slip-resistant formula suited for use in and around swimming pool areas.

Magnaclean bactericidal – Highly concentrated all in one cleaner and degreaser for use in kitchens.

Hi-drocleanse – Kitchen cleaner which is a fully biodegradable, highly concentrated and food-safe bactericidal surface sanitiser.

2001 Safety Cleaner – Reliable, industrial hard surface cleaner and degreaser with an environmentally friendly and 100% water soluble formula.

Find out more about APT's hard surface cleaners on the website – www.aptcleaningsupplies.co.uk