Deicing Products

Whilst it might bring children and the young at heart much joy when it comes around, the cold and wintry weather can be a real obstacle to the smooth running of many businesses each year. Even those who are overjoyed with snow and ice in the beginning, will quickly tire of it once it becomes less fun and more hassle!

In today’s fast paced world, the traditional methods of removing snow and ice from paths, windscreens and other areas aren’t effective or quick enough. If you need to remove ice as quickly as possible in order to keep working or for safety reasons, you'll need professional deicing products.
APT have a great range of deicing products which are suitable for use in removing snow & ice build-ups from cold store areas, emergency exits, forecourts, loading bays, drains, driveways, steps and many other areas. With a non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally formula, you can safely use the products anywhere as they aren't harmful to plants or animals and won't damage concrete, tarmac, carpets or metalwork either. Also, with a fast working action, up to 8 times faster than rock salt, you and your workers can safely resume work faster than ever!

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