Welcome to APT

An introduction to our new blog detailing all the latest news from APT Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

APT is one of the leading national suppliers of Specialised Industrial Hygiene and Maintenance Products and provider of exceptional cleaning products for all industries. These products include pesticides, floor cleaners, washroom hygiene products, office cleaning supplies, spill response kits and metal cleaning lubricants.

Our products are developed to be as easy and efficient as possible to use. They are designed to be highly concentrated and powerful, resulting in a very cost-effective product.

Algae Free – Mould and Algae Remover, a top seller, is just one of our many high quality products.
This blog will talk about the range of chemical cleaning products we provide, looking at how they work and how they can be beneficial to you, along with keeping up with the latest cleaning products available from us and how they will impact the industry.
For more information, visit our website at www.aptcleaningsupplies.co.uk, or for regular updates on the company and our services, follow us on Twitter at @APTICC
If you are interested in commercial cleaning services, please visit our sister site www.apt-icc.co.uk
This blog will be updated every Tuesday, so come back here for everything you need to know about APT Industrial Cleaning Chemical Supplies.