Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Industrial cleaning requires the use of robust industrial cleaning supplies and equipment. Industrial machines and hard surfaces can easily amass oils, grease and debris, which will necessitate far stronger, more effective cleaning chemicals than those sold for janitorial purposes.

Whether you require industrial cleaning supplies for flooring, building exteriors, machinery or hard surfaces, you will be looking for a cost-effective solution. APT Cleaning Supplies offers highly concentrated cleaning chemicals, which are specifically designed for use in the industrial sector. Many companies waste a vast amount of money by buying numerous ineffective janitorial supplies. APT Cleaning Supplies aims to assist companies by reducing the number of products they need to buy, and by bringing down their spend on chemicals to as little as £0.05 per litre.

Along with their industrial cleaning supplies, they also offer an extensive range of personal protective equipment and safety wear. By buying your industrial cleaning supplies from you can be sure that your operatives can do their job effectively, efficiently and safely, and all at a price that suits you!