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Magnaclean Bactericidal - Super Concentrated Kitchen Cleaning Products
  • The ultimate all-in-one anti-bacterial cleaner and degreaser
  • Easily cuts through all stubborn food residues, grease, oil, grime and even heavy baked on carbon deposits
  • Dilutes up to 1 to 200 parts water
  • New scientific blend of bactericidal killing agents - kills 99.99% of all Gram+ & Gram- bacteria including; salmonella, listeria, MRSA & e-Coli
  • Formulated using the latest eco-friendly ingredients
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Pack 1 x 5 Ltrs HSC04B £24.45 (GBP)
Case 4 x 5 Ltrs HSC04B £93.48 (GBP)
Case 1 x 25 Ltrs Free Delivery HSC04B-25 £116.25 (GBP)
Barrel 1 x 210 Ltrs HSCO4B £911.99 (GBP)

Magnaclean Bactericidal Kitchen Degreaser - Super concentrated kitchen degreaser and kitchen cleaner 

We believe that Magnaclean is the ultimate fast-acting all-in-one anti-bacterial cleaner and degreaser for kitchens and food outlets.

Powerful, odour-free Magnaclean kitchen degreaser easily cuts through stubborn food residues, grease, oil and grime – even heavy baked-on carbon deposits. It’s also an effective dishwasher cleaner.
Magnaclean is a highly concentrated sanitiser that dilutes up to 1 to 200 with water. Its scientific blend of bactericidal germ-killing agents kills 99.99% of all gram+ & gram- bacteria including salmonella, listeria, MRSA and E.coli. MRSA is killed in just 60 seconds' contact time under normal surface conditions.
Advantages and benefits
·         Magnaclean kitchen degreaser is fast acting to cut manual effort
·         It saves you time and ensures effective bacteria killing
·         Magnaclean eliminates the need for several cleaning products
·         One product can reduce staff confusion and errors
·         The ecological-formulated uses the latest eco-friendly ingredients
·         You don't need several products – reduce storage and ordering costs
·         The powerful non-fragrant formula is specifically designed for all food prep and processing environments
Magnaclean Antibacterial hard surface cleaner easily and quickly removes materials such as the following from surfaces and equipment:
·         Blood
·         Fats
·         Oils
·         Spices
·         Starches
·         Heavy grease
·         Grime
·         Nicotine staining
·         Ingrained dirt
·         Food stains
·         Coffee tannin stains
Magnaclean antibacterial sanitiser is perfect for cleaning and degreasing in local and area housing authorities, nursing homes, hospitals, food processing and food preparation industries and outlets, industrial kitchens, bakeries, abattoirs and breweries.
Magnaclean Bactericidal passes the BSEN 1276 European Suspension Test for antimicrobial efficiency.
Safety, storage and handling
Because Magnaclean kitchen degreaser is an all-in-one product you may be able to lower your storage costs.
For more safety, storage and handling information, please contact us.
Buy Magnaclean Bactericidal sanitizer and kitchen degreaser online now or call 01495 308 048.
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