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Steri Rinse - Hospital Grade Hand Sanitising Gel NOTE: Steri Rinse 24 x 500ml

Due to a nationwide shortage, we can no longer guarantee that every bottle will have a pump. Flip caps will be available.

We are working our hardest to resolve this issue.

    Steri Rinse - Antibacterial Hand Gel kills 99.999% of all bacteria with 60% to 65% alcohol; Government & Health guidelines recommend 60%+ alcohol for sanitising hands during the current Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak. Steri Rinse contains a scientific blend of the highest quality bactericide with natural balanced skin conditioners to protect sensitive skin. It is odourless, food safe and perfect for use in every situation.

How to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in the Workplace [PDF]

Visit our Coronavirus page for other Coronavirus related products.

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Case 12 x 1Ltrs £275.75 (GBP)
Case 24 x 500 ml £328.68 (GBP)

Steri Rinse - Hospital Grade Gel Hand Sanitiser

NOTE: Steri Rinse 24 x 500ml

Due to a nationwide shortage, we can no longer guarantee that every bottle will have a pump. Flip caps will be available.
We are working our hardest to resolve this issue.

60% to 65% Alcohol
base as recommended by Government Guidelines to protect against  Novel Coronavirus

APT Steri Rinse gives you a scientific blend of highest quality bactericides and skin conditioners in a hospital-grade alcohol base. It’s versatile and effective. In fact, our unique formula contains the highest bactericidal properties to kill gram+ and gram- germs. There’s no need for water or drying either.

As well as being hard on germs, Steri Rinse is gentle for users, a waterless gel hand sanitiser that includes mild skin-conditioners to allow frequent use without drying or damaging skin.
Steri Rinse is ideal when you need to combat the risk of cross contamination while leaving a residual biocide for maximum cleanliness. 
Advantages and Benefits
· 60% to 65% alcohol surgical grade gel hand sanitiser  
· Steri Rinse kills all gram+ and gram- bacteria
· Odourless formula makes Steri Rinse food safe
· Highly active residual bactericide for continued protection
· Rapid drying and immediate hand sanitisation
· Skin conditioners protect sensitive skin
· Contains Chlorhexidine which has also been shown to be effective in the eradication of developed viruses.
Steri Rinse Hand Sanitiser has many advantages: 
· It is easy to use and dries quickly
· The amount dispensed is controlled, reducing in-use costs
· 100% of the product is extracted from the container
· It spreads across the hands evenly
Because of its properties and performance, Steri Rinse alcohol-based hand sanitiser is the first line of defence for front line staff working in the field.
Steri Rinse hand sanitiser is essential in hospitals, nursing homes, kitchens, food processing and clinical products manufacturing to comply with health and safety standards. It is also widely used in offices and retail.
Steri Rinse is also perfect for wiping over hard surfaces and equipment to sanitise communal use apparatus such as telephones, computer equipment and door handles.


· Packed in refillable 1Ltr, 500ml and 65ml personal belt clip packs
· Odourless, food-safe, formulation
· Active residual bactericide

Dilution Rates - Non Applicable

Safety, storage and handling

Steri Wash can be used through dispensing equipment without the need of water or rinsing.
It is conveniently packed in travel-size 65ml portable sprayers with belt attachments for convenient mobile or field use.

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For more information on hand sanitising, please see - GOV.UK Guidelines